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Syrië: The crossroad in een onzichtbare oorlog: BRIC's versus the Atlantic Powers

Een zeer interessante geopolitieke uiteenzetting rondom het conflict in Syrië. Er zijn veel belangen voor de NATO om een weg vrij te maken in het Middellandse zee gebied. Rusland met een marinebasis in Syrië ligt in de weg, en wat hebben de Argentijnen te maken met het conflict in Syrië…

Van onze correspondent uit de Navy van Argentinië

The latest developments in the Middle East are positive for the position of Argentina. This because of the following reasons:

Since the Krimean war, First World war and 2nd World war and after the collapse of the Soviet Union the Atlantic Powers are expanding their influence over the world very fast.

Note: Atlantic Powers = UK with its Dominion, (Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc etc..) + the USA + France.

Afbeelding 1.1: Member states of NATO

To Russia it was promised that the NATO will never expand to the east. Shortly after that the NATO was expanding to the east. (Poland, Baltic’s states etc etc...) This NATO expansion was finally holded when the Russians learnd Sakasvilli a lesson in Georgia over South Ossethie.

Further are all countries with regimes which are not cooperating with the Atlantic Powers on the NATO hitlist. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya. (Syria in progress, Iran still to go) The undemocratic regimes there are changed for other undemocratic regimes. Regime change is the goal in all situations. A change to other regimes who are friendly for the interests of the Atlantic Powers, especially in the Geo-Strategic Ellipsoide.

Officially it is all for humanitarian reasons (Libya and Syria) or self defending purposes (Afghanistan and Iraq). Operations with a name as "Iraqi Freedom" to keep the public at home happy. During the regime change in Libya were the Americans discussing with the Saudi’s how to bring "democracy" in Libya. For anybody with a little knowledge about the level of democracy in Saudi Arabia it will say enough.

But since the crisis of 2008 the Atlantic Powers are getting economically weaker, bit by bit, year by year. Instead are the BRIC's gaining in power. Slowly their resistance against the expansion is growing. China on a very silent way but Russia more in public.

Syria is the place where the momentum in this movement is changing. It is most interesting to be witness of this historical big change in world history. Specially now when resources as cheap energy are getting scarce. Without cheap energy there will be no economic growth. Without the expected economic growth the astonishing growing debt of the Atlantic Powers will be unsustainable. They have to choose between default on the debt or printing money even faster. Quite sure it will be the last option. But "printing" money will only buy time. With a collapsing financial system the Atlantic powers will lose its grip of her "neo-colonies". (like Saudi Arabia etc...).

History is echoing itself, Also the state of Athens and the Roman Empire lost its power by money inflation and ever continuous wars. Too much greed.

Syria is the frontline of the invisible war between the ever expanding Atlantic Powers and strengthening BRIC'S powers. From the BRIC'S specially Russia and China. The big question is: will the momentum change? Or will the Mediterranean Sea be Mare Nostrum again?

Afbeelding 1.2: Map conflict gebied.

Syria is the last country to "get liberated" for having 100% control of the Mediterranean Sea by the Atlantic Powers. After the planned regime change in Syria the Mediterranean Sea will be NATO's Mare Nostrum, or Our Sea. Now the Russians are still in the way with their naval base in Tartus. Syria is the crossroad of several big conflicts at the same time.

Also there is the invisible war between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Fighting for the religious domination in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia is paying for jihadists from all around the world to fight in Syria. Iran is sending special forces to Syria. Also training and arming the Syrian Army.

Saudi Arabia is the most important ally of the USA from all Islamic states in the Middle East. Since 1971 the US Dollar was not backed by gold anymore, but by Oil instead. The Petro-Dollar. For this the royal family of Saudi Arabia, the family Al Saud, got protected by the USA. On this way they can oppress their own population with help of the west.

Specially the Shiitic Muslims in the now Salafist, Wahabist dictatorship of the royal family. Saoudi Arabia is the only country in the world which is named to its dictator. Khadafy said it more than once.... The leadership of Arabia by the clan of Al Saud is created by the British and protected by the Americans.

Qatar and France are economically closely tied together. Qatar owns much shares in almost all big firms in France. On this way Qatar have influence in the foreign politics of France. Specially now when France is in economic bad times. It is not a coincidence that the foreign policy of Sarkozy or Hollande is exact the same, although theoretically they are from a opposite politic direction.

All enemies of Qatar are also enemy of France. (Libya and Syria) Qatar wants to lay a pipeline through Syria for exporting their gas through the Mare Nostrum (our sea) to France. Now there is a long supply route resulting in higher costs. Also is the route unsafe, by passing Hormuz. Qatar’s enemy Iran can always threaten Qatar’s gas export whenever it wants, simply by mining the Strait of Hormuz. But to get this planned access to the Mediterranean Sea, Assad first must go. It is estimated that Qatar only already invested over 500 million dollars by arming the rebels. (relative small money compared with the huge spending of Saudi Arabia by the way).

Never underestimate the power of propaganda.
The news agency Al Jazeera is fully owned by the dictator (Emir) of Qatar. It is very effective way of influencing the public opinion. Other news agencies often just copy paste its news from Al Jazeera, without first checking if the story is correct. Maybe you remember that it was in the news that Khadafy was importing containers full of Viagra. This for his soldiers so that they can rape more children. It was a complete lie, but anyway copied by all agencies all over the world. This influenced the public opinion in favor for a "no fly zone" over Libya.

Now in Egypt the new government closed all stations from both Al Jazeera and Al Arabya. This because of their propaganda, lies and support of the Moslim Brothers. Further are Al Jazeera and Al Arabya promoters for a Jihad in Syria. Many Salafist moslims from all over the world listening to this call and want to create an Islamitic Kalifate in Syria. To help their muslim brothers in destitute.

In the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt were for this purpose Training camps created. In this camps the freshly arrived Salafist Muslims received training and got armed. This to become Jihadist rebels for the fight in Syria. (As it also happens in Turkey).

But now Morsi is gone. At this moment the Egyptian Army is fighting in the Sinai Peninsula to clear the area of this terrorists / rebels, who are in the media supported by both news agencies. This is the reason that the named news agencies are now illegal in Egypt.

Morsi promised the USA more Jihadist fighters for the war against Assad. In change of that the Americans promised Morsi that Egypt will receive cheap Oil from Libya. In Egypt there is a growing lack of cheap energy, cheap food and cheap clean water. The population is growing with a million each year. 70% from the population is younger than 30 years old. This is the real reason for the social unrest, and Morsi understood it.

Also did Morsi receive a lot of money from the USA, European Union (to "promote democracy") and the mentioned Arabic States. Now Morsi is gone and is the relationship between Egypt and the USA is difficult. The same for the relationship between Egypt and Qatar / Saudi Arabia after their news / propaganda agencies were closed and the cash flow is stopped.

Turkey has changed under Erdogan. Now following a much more islamistic policy, including expansion dreams. The military coup against the islamisation was not successfully this time. Now there is not anymore the careful policy of Ataturk. A policy of expanding power in the historical Ottoman area instead. Training and arming rebels with the help of the west and with the help of Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

The headquarter of these rebels, the "Free" Syrian Army, is in Adana, protected by Dutch and German patriot missiles. The Turkish border to Syria is completely opened for the rebel forces to enter Syria after first getting armed and trained in Turkey itself. If the Jihadists are wounded in the battle they can safely return to Turkey for receiving medical care. After this back to the battle again. Families of the Jihadists who die in this holy war agains the Christians, Alawites, Druzen, Kurds and Shiitic Muslims receive a bonus from Saoudi Arabie.

The war in Syria is a proxy war. Usually such a conflicts are endless (as the 30 years war in Germany 1618 - 1648, with no winning side) Although Assad is the last months clearly on the winning hand. (after also Hezbollah joined the conflict) It is not logic that Assad used chemical weapons, not if you are already at the winning hand. Otherwise, for the rebels it is most logic to use the chemical weapons, they are also fighting against each other and they are at the losing side.

The rebels need help from the Atlantic Powers, direct help by bombing Assad’s military basis and infrastructure. And not only by receiving weapons as it is now. The point of all of this is that the Atlantic powers still did not win the conflict. Assad is still alive. It looks like the momentum stopped.

Hopefully the Atlantic Powers will not be crazy enough to be so aggressive and join the conflict directly. To destroy military basis by Tomahawk cruise missiles to help the momentum moving again. (after a new rabbit out of the hat off course, to make it acceptable for the public who listen to the BBC and CNN).

In that case there will be for Russia and China the choice, accept to lose more ground in this invisible war of world influence or to take action. Russia for example can supply Assad with the S400 missile defense system. Now Russia promised to deliver the S300 missile defence system, but this is already an outdated system. Syria have at the moment the older S200 defense system.

China by example can start selling its dollar obligations, this will put a lot of pressure to the "economic recovery" of the USA. Hopefully the fear of Russia but specially China taking such an actions will result in not joining the conflict directly.

Financially the Atlantic powers are very weak. If there will be no "humanitarian intervention". In that case there will be a new balance, the expansion is stopped. The position for the BRIC's in the world will be much stronger. If this new balance stay intact it is a great opportunity for Argentina. It means that the UK must be less aggressive in its territorial claims concerning the disputed Malvines and the future dispute of Antarctica.

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